Shortcut key docking station with 100w USB-C fast charging

Shortcut key docking station

With a new multipurpose docking station that was just launched via Kickstarter, gaining a new level of efficiency and convenience for your digital life just became simpler. This docking station is a total game-changer because it was thoughtfully created to improve your workflow and boost your connected experience. The way you work and interact with your gadgets is revolutionized by its wealth of high-tech capabilities.

OHDoSt Docking Station combines innovation with cutting-edge technology. Customizable shortcuts, an HDMI mirror display, an SD/TF card reader, quick Type-C (PD) rapid charging, and three USB ports with lightning-speed data transfer are all features of this device. With this ground-breaking docking station, you can simplify your digital life and increase productivity.For the radical project, early bird discounts are now available starting at about $47 or $40 (depending on the exchange rate at the time).

docking station features

Our docking station’s programmable shortcut to improve touch screen control is one of its important features. With its simple touch screen interface, you can say goodbye to traditional keyboard shortcuts and streamline your work operations. You can create bespoke, individualized shortcut keys using this functionality, giving you rapid access to frequently used programs, websites, and functions. Adapt it to your particular requirements to notice a notable increase in job productivity.

USB-C docking station

Along with unequalled universality and expandability, the docking station also provides. With a wide variety of connections, this feature-rich device is compatible with all of your devices. We have all the ports you need, including USB, HDMI, and internet connectors. Easily connect many devices at once, including your laptop, tablet, smartphone, external storage, and more. Discover the freedom to communicate, play, and work without restrictions.

OHDoSt docking station connections

Discover the beauty of an HDMI mirror screen display that is perfectly timed with the docking station. With its 4K 60fps sync-screen functionality, you can easily mirror the display of your laptop onto a monitor. Enjoy a totally immersive viewing experience that brilliantly highlights every detail with support for 4K resolution 60fps.

Worldwide shipping is anticipated to start somewhere around October 2023, presuming that the OHDoSt financing campaign meets its needed pledge goal and manufacturing goes according to plan. Watch the attached promotional film to find out more about the OHDoStshortcut key docking station initiative.

Not to mention, the docking station comes with 3 USB connections for quick data transfer. Two USB 3.0 connections for super-fast data transfer and one USB 2.0 port for extra flexibility are included. Experience lightning-fast data transmission speeds by seamlessly connecting your peripherals, external storage devices, and more. Spend less time on time-consuming file transfers and more time working smoothly and effectively.

The OHDoSt Docking Station was developed to provide consumers a multipurpose fusion of effectiveness and practicality. It transforms how you interact with your gadgets and improves your workflow at the same time.

Visit the official OHDoSt crowd funding campaign page by clicking the link below to get a complete list of all special pledges, stretch goals, additional media, and performance analytics for the shortcut key docking station.


Disclaimer: There are inherent dangers while taking part in Kickstarter campaigns. While many initiatives are successful in achieving their objectives, others may fall short due to several difficulties. When committing your hard-earned money, always do your homework and use prudence.

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