Samicon MKPro programmable keypad launches on Kickstarter

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On Kickstarter, Samicon has introduced their MKPro programmable keypad. This one-of-a-kind tool is made to make chores easier for people who work on computers, play video games, or create illustrations. Users of the Samicon MKPro no longer need to recall difficult key combinations or navigate through lengthy menus because they may personalize their keypad to include up to 60 shortcut keys.

11 programmable keys and 3 knobs on the Samicon MKPro may each store a maximum of 60 quick commands. Eight rectangular keys, three mute keys, and a total of 20 keys that may be customized to the needs of the user make up this unique keypad design.

Samicon MKPro keyboard

While the Kickstarter crowd financing campaign is active, early bird discounts are currently available for the intriguing project starting at roughly $59 or 47 (depending on the current conversion rate), representing a significant savings of about 33% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

The Samicon MKPro keypad features several input modes, including shortcuts, mouse wheel functionality, and media buttons in addition to its programmable dial buttons. This gives you a convenient and effective way to handle your media by allowing you to switch between music playback, previous/next song navigation, and mute operations with just one hand.

Samicon MKPro keypad Kickstarter

The three-layer customisation of the Samicon MKPro is what distinguishes it from other keypads. Users can quickly swap between three distinct levels using an accessible side toggle switch. Each key can have up to three different functionalities thanks to the ability for each layer to store its own set of key assignments. This implies that you can customize your workflow by assigning particular commands or functionalities to each key.

Programmable keypad

The three mute keys are a considerate addition that make the keypad the ideal device for usage in public settings like workplaces or libraries where discretion is advised. Additionally, you can program the three dial buttons to carry out your most often used tasks. The Samicon MKPro offers all the features you could possibly need, including the ability to scroll up or down, change brush size, zoom in or out on a canvas, and control volume.

Samicon MKPro keypad features

For instance, a programmer or coder can assign frequently used code fragments or programming language symbols to particular keys, speeding up and streamlining the coding process. Common words or phrases can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts by a writer or editor to eliminate the need to constantly input them. In order to work more quickly and effectively, a graphic designer or video editor can set shortcut keys to frequently used tools like brush sizes or layer options.

A programmable keypad like the Samicon MKPro can greatly improve productivity and streamline your work processes. It is possible to acquire quick and simple access to frequently used tools, commands, and shortcuts by allowing certain functions to be assigned to each key. This decreases strain and fatigue while also saving time.

The Samicon MKPro campaign is anticipated to reach its required pledge goal and, assuming everything goes according to plan, the project will be completed by October 2023. Analyze the promotional video below to understand more about the Samicon MK Proprogrammable Keypad project.

The Samicon MKPro also focuses on ergonomic comfort in addition to functionality. It eliminates the need to stretch or strain, a problem with conventional keyboards, by enabling the assignment of commonly used keys to more practical places. Those who suffer from repetitive strain injuries or other ergonomic problems can particularly benefit from this feature.

A configurable programmable keypad can also assist lessen strain and tiredness. The Samicon MKPro programmable keypad gives users faster access to frequently used tools and commands. The need to extend or strain to reach commonly used keys on a conventional keyboard can be reduced by allocating them to more ergonomic locations. This can be especially helpful for people who have repetitive strain injuries or other ergonomic problems.

In conclusion, the Samicon MKPro programmable keypad is more than simply a device; it’s a way to increase your comfort and productivity at work. With its adaptable capabilities, it may be used by a range of professionals, from programmers and gamers to creatives. So the Samicon MKPro programmable keypad could be the improvement you require, whether you’re looking to increase productivity, decrease stress, or simply work smarter.

Go to the official Samicon MKPro crowd funding campaign page by clicking the link below to get a complete list of all early bird discounts, stretch goals, additional media, and design details for the programmable keypad.


Disclaimer: There are inherent dangers while taking part in Kickstarter campaigns. While many initiatives are successful in achieving their objectives, others may fall short due to several difficulties. When committing your hard-earned money, always do your homework and use prudence.

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