Quick and Easy Way to Check FASTag Balance with Vehicle Number

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Whether you travel much or not, you would surely have come across toll plazas. Every vehicle needs to pay a toll before entering a national highway. Toll plazas cause congestion in traffic as everyone settles in cash. The Indian government addressed this problem and introduced FASTag.

FASTag enables you to pay the required toll tax online without getting in line. It works on a recharge basis. Additionally, like any other rechargeable facility, users have to keep an eye on the balance as well. So let s discuss how to check the FASTag balance with the vehicle number.

How to check FASTag balance with vehicle number

You can check FASTag balance in numerous ways. but checking the balance with the vehicle number makes it easy. To make the possess easy, NHAI has launched an application named MyFASTag. This app lets you recharge your FASTag, check your balance and the like.

Follow the following steps to check the FASTag balance with the vehicle number:

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1. First, install the MyFASTag app on your smartphone.

2. Now go to the app and log in.

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3.Look for the Payments option and tap on it.

4. Here, you will see Recharge your NHAI Prepaid Wallet option, tap on it.

5. It would ask you to enter your registered phone number. Fill in the same and tap Proceed .

6. You will get an OTP on the number you entered earlier. Enter the OTP and press Submit .

7. At this point, you have to enter your vehicle number and tap Submit .

8. Your FASTag balance of the corresponding vehicle number will appear under Available Tag/wallet Balance

These were the steps on how to check the FASTag balance with the vehicle number.

FASTag balance can be checked via the website, UPI, SMS and customer service too.

Is it mandatory to have your vehicle s FASTag?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a FASTag. From 16th May 2021, was made compulsory for all Indian cars. You will have to pay double the price in this case. Having FASTag will not only save you money but so much more.

If you use FASTag, you can pass toll booths and the toll amounts will be automatically subtracted when the sticker is scanned. Due to the time and fuel savings, contactless transactions are now possible.

Perks of using FASTag

  • You will save gas and time by continuing to drive past the toll gates, you will save gas and time.
  • Since traffic does not have to stop or slow down, there is hardly any congestion or traffic jams at toll plazas.
  • FASTag also assists you in keeping track of all your toll expenses.
  • It removes the hassle of making cash payments at toll plazas.
  • Using FASTag will allow you to enjoy hassle-free driving throughout and electronic payment benefits.

We hope now you have understood how to check the FASTag balance with the vehicle number. Do comment your experience with FASTag.

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