Now no more unwanted Mails, Here is How to stop unwanted Emails in Gmail on iPhone

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Are you tired of unwanted mail in your mailbox, and they are making it difficult to focus on important mail? Indeed it becomes irritating. There are three ways to solve this problem and get the issue solved. You can block the mail, block the sender or take help from your provider s ios app.

It s not a one-button process; you must follow certain steps; hereis how to stop unwanted emails in Gmail on iPhone.

Methods for how to stop unwanted emails in Gmail on iPhone

Method 1: By blocking Gmail messages on the iPhone

You can block the mail sender on Gmail; you only have to download the Gmail app from the app store. Alternatively, you can also choose the desktop version of Safari. But it is recommended that you do it on the mobile version only. In order to continue, do the following:

  • Launch the downloaded app, then log in to the Gmail
  • Choose the email you wish to block > tap and open it
  • Tap on the three dots visible in the top right corner of the screen
  • You ll see Block Sender in the drop-down menu > tap on it

If you use the desktop for the same process, you can use the same process mentioned above to block the Sender on Gmail. You can repeat the same process with other senders as well. Also, keep the Gmail app on your device for future use for the same reason.

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Method 2: Use Safari to block Sender

You may think web browsers will create a button solution, but that s not the case. Most mail service providers like Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and iCloud require a mobile browser to block the Sender easily. But here are the steps for the desktop site; follow further instructions:

For iCloud

  • Go to Settings in the lower left corner > choose Rules > further choose Add a Rule
  • Now create a new If a message is from rule for the email address in the query.
  • Then choose Move to the trash and mark as read.

For Yahoo! Mail

  • Go to the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of your inbox, and now choose More Settings.
  • Further, go with Security and Privacy > find out Blocked addresses, then choose Add. Now here, add the addresses you wish to block from your mail.

For Outlook

  • Go to the inbox. Long Press on the email you wish to block to stop it from coming up in future
  • You will see a list of options, choose Junk and further Block Sender.

Note:If desktop sites do not work on your mobile browser, you should use a desktop browser on a Mac or PC.

Try having Provider s iOS application on your device

Usually, Provider s apps have features that Gmail apps cannot. So almost all platforms have their specific mail provider for the users. So, if your device has space, go for having your Provider s mail app as well. There you ll access some features, including blocking the mail sender.

As we discussed earlier, it s a bit tricky to understandhow to stop unwanted emails in Gmail on iPhone.There are certain conditions; only under those conditions can you maintain an email blocklist on your device. Those conditions are as follows:

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  • Use Safari to log in, then request the desktop version every time you wish to block an email sender
  • Choose your Provider s app over other email apps; they have blocking functionalities.

Note: if you go with the option mentioned above, don t forget to keep the notifications in check. Otherwise, there will be alerts every time you receive a new mail.

  • Or you will have to wait until you can access the computer desktop.

You cannot block using Mail

Mail app is a basic app on which you receive abundant Mail, designed for multiple users. That s why there is no one way to block all Mail. Hence, Mail is best to be considered an interface rather than a service extension.

That s why if you wish to stop unnecessary Mail from reaching your inbox, you will need to use facilities provided by your mail provider; other apps do not have options to block every sender in your mailbox. A bit tricky it is, but it s not impossible to understandhow to stop unwanted emails in Gmail on iPhone.We hope you are now ready to clear the clutter from your mailbox.

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