Most Useful Dictionary Apps To Make Your Vocabulary Strong

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Using affluent English words elevates your persona automatically. It sets you apart from the crowd as your choice of words communicates for itself. Whether you wish to upskill your communication skills or polish your language, vocabulary plays a vital role here.

Moreover, using dictionary apps to enhance English vocabulary is a smart move.

Knowledge comes in handy with these applications.

You may attain the goal to improve your English with the help of a variety of apps. The best dictionary apps to make your vocabulary strong are listed below:

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Most useful dictionary apps to make your vocabulary strong

1. Word of the day

If you are a multitasker and a person with a busy schedule, this app is for you. Word of the day application helps you learn a new word every day.

Word of the day

It provides a variety of challenging, esoteric, and academic vocabulary. Along with that, it teaches how to use every word in a sentence.

This application is free of cost and is available on both Android and iOS devices.

2. Oxford Dictionary of English

You surely remember the traditional thick dictionary from Oxford. That book containing thousands of words helped us before the Google and smartphone era. Oxford Dictionary of English is one of the most popular apps out there.

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Oxford Dictionary of English

This application is packed with over 350,000 words and phrases. Additionally, the application includes instant translations and definitions too.

This app is available on the Google Play store and App Store.

3. Merriam-Webster

Merriam-Webster dictionary is one of the most renowned and used dictionaries globally. Whether you are just a beginner or a fluent English speaker, Merriam-Webster is a one-stop shop for building vocabulary.

This dictionary app not only contains words but their meaning and pronunciation as well. It offers features like voice search and audio pronunciation. You can also enable the word of the day feature in the app.


This app even works when you are not connected to the internet. So you can look for words and their authentic meanings anytime. This is undoubtedly one of the best dictionary apps to make your vocabulary strong. Android, iPhone and iPad devices are compatible with the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

4. is another useful dictionary app which lets you learn new words. It first asses your skills and then assists you to accentuate your vocabulary. It teaches through games and easy-to-achieve levels. This app is considered best for those who are preparing for TOEFL, SAT or GRE.


This app is now available on the Google Play Store along with the App Store.

5. WordWeb Dictionary

This WordWeb dictionary software is ideal if you re seeking a simple dictionary. The app is totally free and does not contain any ads. Its search menu appears immediately when you open the app. It shows the accessibility to the application. It does not intricate anything so it remains simple to use.

WordWeb Dictionary

Just like Google search history, the app s search box contains the recently searched words. This feature lets you go back to the words you searched if needed. When you search for any word on WordWeb dictionary, it not only shows multiple definitions but provides extra information like part of speech and related words or phrases.

6. WordUp Vocabulary

WordUp Vocabulary is one of the best dictionary apps to make your vocabulary strong. This app is divided into different segments. Such as on the basis of age and fluency level. It even lets you select between British and American accents.

WordUp Vocabulary

The facilities do not end here. You can also set reminders for your preferred time to learn. This application is designed in accordance with your fluency, command and knowledge of English. WordUp Vocabulary s free of cost app that functions with both Android and iOS.

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These are some of the best dictionary apps to make your vocabulary strong. You should choose a dictionary app according to your needs. The listed ones are free. Some include a paid advance level.

If you want to download a complete offline and free dictionary, English Dictionary Offline or are good options. Both dictionaries work offline and are extremely simple to use. There is nothing fancy about them but both serve the purpose.

Let us know which app from the list did you choose!

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