Learn How to Connect Apple Watch to Wifi after Factory Reset

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If you have chosen to reset your Apple Watch, I hope you are aware of how to connect it to WiFi after a factory reset. You would find this information beneficial if you didn’t know. When you proceed with the procedures to reset the Apple Watch, make a backup of your data since all data will be destroyed.

How to connect Apple Watch to WIFI after factory reset?

  • Open the settings on Apple Watch
  • Click on the Wi-Fi option
  • The watch shall start to look for the available Wi-Fi/wireless networks
  • Once the watch identifies the appropriate Wi-Fi network, click on it
  • Enter the password as prompted
  • You can also use a built-in keyboard or Scribble to enter the password
  • Click on the join button after entering the password, the Watch shall be connected to the wireless network

How to set up Apple Watch to WIFI after a factory reset?

  • Switch on the Apple Watch
  • Open the menu
  • Open your iPhone or iPad as well
  • Connect the Apple Watch with the appropriate iOS device
  • Hit the create a backup option
  • Follow the instructions on the screen until all the pop-ups are gone
  • The Apple Watch is ready to set up and use

Things to remember

  • If the Apple watch demonstrates any issue during or after getting connected with a wireless network, start by choosing the option to forget. Then reconnect with the wireless network after sometime.
  • Ensure that the Apple Watch is connected to a 2.4 GHz channel. Moreover, the configuration should be 802.11b/g/n since it works better with the device.
  • If nothing seems to work, reboot your internet connection to get a better signal and connectivity.
  • Turn off and turn on the WiFi on your device to refresh the connection
  • You can also turn off the Bluetooth feature to prevent any hindrance in the connection.
  • Put your phone in Airplane mode for five minutes. In most cases, the Apple Watch would seamlessly connect to the wireless network once you turn off Airplane mode.
  • Simply restart the Apple Watch and connect with the WiFi network

I hope the simple instructions on how to connect your Apple Watch to WiFi after a factory reset were helpful. Spread the word about this article so that others can benefit from the knowledge. If you run into any problems, please let us know in the comments area below. We would try to find the same solution.

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