HX Outdoors EDC multitool with retractable tools for easy access

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An unique, multipurpose retractable EDC gadget from HX OUTDOORS has been released with the goal of streamlining your daily carry. It is a small, dependable device composed of premium 420J2 steel and aluminum that provides unmatched durability and a modern design. The HX OUTDOORS tool’s retractable design is not only incredibly useful, but it also serves as a stress reliever.

It’s an all-in-one tool that you’ll want to carry everywhere because it comes equipped with a built-in suspension clip, a window breaker, a slotted screwdriver, a hex screw tightener, and a bottle opener. For those who support practical everyday readiness, this multipurpose gadget is without a doubt the ideal partner.

HX Outdoors multitool features

Early bird discounts are currently offered for the contemporary project starting at around $49 or $39 (depending on the current exchange rates), providing a considerable savings of about 38% off the retail value while the Kickstarter crowd financing is ongoing.

With its clip-on style, HX Outdoors is an effective and practical tool for regular usage. Insert it into your pocket and it will become a regular part of your work and leisure time. It can easily clip on to your pocket for quick, handy access.

Four basic tools, including a window breaker, screwdrivers, and box and bottle openers, are included in the HX OUTDOORS EDC tool. You’ll not only save a ton of time with these, but you’ll also be able to cross things off your to-do list quickly.

EDC multitool

Its locking thumb slider is cleverly made to be operated with one hand. This design enables quick blade deployment and retractions while shielding your hand from potential damage.

HX Outdoors in action

Bladeclip is the end result of months of work by our talented technical team and manufacturing partner, and we are very proud to introduce it. Our journey started with a straightforward idea, which we then developed into a CAD-designed model, iterating the design until we found the ideal harmony between form and function.

The flathead screwdriver is one of the main components of the HX OUTDOORS EDC multitool. This useful tool is a must-have for your daily toolset because it can tighten screws that you might not even be aware need tightening.

The HX Outdoors campaign is aiming to reach its needed pledge level, and if everything goes according to plan throughout production, worldwide shipping should start around October 2023. Take a look at the promotional video for the HX OutdoorsEDC multitool project below to learn more.

HX Outdoors

Another useful item is the bottle opener. Want to relax with a cold beer? The HX OUTDOORS multitool has you covered with its bottle opener! Because of its simple design, you may quickly unwind by cracking open your preferred beverage.

We’ve been working on the HX OUTDOORS for more than a year, creating many prototypes, going through several rounds of manufacturing input, and working with our partners to develop a comprehensive timetable. Concerning the ability to build the EDC tool, we have none.

The glass breaker is yet another crucial component of the HX OUTDOORS EDC multitool. During situations, this life-saving device can be of great assistance. Its adaptable design guarantees effective and speedy glass-breaking, making it a useful tool in emergency situations.

HX Outdoors every day carry multitool

The HX OUTDOORS EDC multitool has a clip-on feature for optimal convenience. Simply attach a clip to your pocket for quick and simple access. Because of its small size, it will fit comfortably in your pocket and be ready to be used as part of your daily EDC (everyday carry). The HX OUTDOORS EDC multitool is the ideal blend of portability, toughness, and adaptability. It’s a crucial addition to your daily carry that will make life simpler and more effective for you.

Visit the official HX Outdoors crowd funding campaign page by following the link below for a complete breakdown of all early bird discounts, stretch goals, more media, and technical specifications for the EDC multitool.


Disclaimer: There are inherent dangers while taking part in Kickstarter campaigns. While many initiatives are successful in achieving their objectives, others may fall short due to several difficulties. When committing your hard-earned money, always do your homework and use prudence.

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