Drop xDuoo TA-84 OTL DAC tube amplifier

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The xDuoo TA-84 OTL Tube Amp/DAC, Drop’s first all-tube Output Transformerless (OTL) amplifier, was launched as a revolutionary innovation. a business renowned for producing top-notch audio gear. The amplifier is the product of a partnership with xDuoo, a well-known brand in the audio production sector.

Utilizing an OTL topology, the Drop + xDuoo TA-84 OTL Tube Amp/DAC is a singular piece of audio gear. The fact that this design decision helps to lessen distortion and produces a clearer, more accurate sound makes it noteworthy. Higher impedance headphones are especially well-suited for the OTL architecture, which makes this amplifier a great option for audiophiles that favor them.

Drop DAC tube amplifier 2023

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For the preamp phase of the amplifier, there are two ECC-82 tubes, and for the power amp phase, there are two EL-84 pentodes. The rich, warm tone that characterizes tube amplifiers is ensured by this combination. Utilizing these particular tubes also helps the amplifier to produce a broad frequency response range of 10 Hz to 80 kHz (0.5 dB).

The stepped potentiometer for volume control on the Drop + xDuoo TA-84 OTL Tube Amp/DAC is one of its best features. This makes it possible to precisely alter the volume, guaranteeing that the listener will be able to find the ideal balance for their listening experience. The amplifier also has a gain switch for controlling the output level, giving the user even more personalization choices.

Drop DAC tube amplifier

Drop DAC tube amplifier

An ES9018K2M DAC chip, which supports sampling rates of PCM 16-bit, 32-bit, 44.1 kHz, 384 kHz, DSD64, and DSD256, is installed in the amplifier’s DAC section. This guarantees excellent analog-to-digital conversion, producing a sound that is distinct and well-defined.

Not only does the Drop + xDuoo TA-84 OTL Tube Amp/DAC have excellent performance, but it also has a stylish appearance. Measuring 10.6 x 6.4 x 4.6 inches and weighing 6.6 pounds, it is both lightweight and portable. With 6.3 mm TRS headphone output, RCA and USB-C inputs, and an RCA preamplifier output, the amplifier is also quite adaptable.

Drop DAC tube amplifier connections and rearview

Priced competitively, the Drop + xDuoo TA-84 OTL Tube Amp/DAC boasts remarkable features and performance. Regular MSRP is $399; the pre-order discount price is $329. A ship date of October 31, 2023 PT is anticipated.

In terms of audio technology, the Drop + xDuoo TA-84 OTL Tube Amp/DAC is a noteworthy addition. Its outstanding components and features, along with its unique OTL topology, make it a great option for audiophiles looking for an exceptional listening experience. This amplifier is something to think about whether you’re an experienced audio enthusiast or a newbie to the world of high-quality music.

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