Check if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp Status

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Have you been left off of someone’s status list? It’s possible that your terms aren’t working out in reality or that they’re trying to avoid you. Understanding how to tell whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp status is one approach to determine whether this is true.Then everything will be in front of your eyes, perfectly clear. This is it.

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How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp status

There isn’t a function designed by WhatsApp to let you know when someone has prevented you from seeing your status. However, there are some signs that can suggest someone does not want to give you access to their WhatsApp status. The indicators that you have been barred from someone’s status are as follows:

  • Users can no longer see any updates in the profile photo.
  • If someone has blocked you from their status, you won t receive any status updates if they send it to you personally
  • Additionally, you won t be able to see if they are online or their last seen on whatsapp.

Someone wants to hide their life or their privacy from you if they prevent you from seeing their WhatsApp status. That’s unfortunate on a personal level, but once you know how to determine whether someone has banned you on WhatsApp, you can be confident of it and may want to resolve the issue with them.

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